1. Be respectful to all players and staff.
  2. Do not argue with staff.
  3. No threatening of any kind.
  4. No racism, sexism, or homophobia will be tolerated.
  5. Do not spam the chat, or use all caps.
  6. Do not ask for a staff rank.
  7. Do not attempt to bypass the chat filter.
  8. Do not give out any personal information, including outside contact information.
  9. No advertising of other servers or communities.
  10. No exploiting or glitching.
  11. Do not kill pets or tamed animals.
  12. No farms with more than 10 mobs.
  13. No pillaring or block spam.
  14. Claim all of your builds and chests.
  15. No use of unapproved client mods. Click to see approved client mods.
  16. No griefing or stealing.
  17. Cut down trees completely.
  18. No player traps.
  19. No offensive skins or builds.
  20. Please keep the chat English-only.
  21. Do not beg, or cause drama.
  22. Do not abuse powers or commands.
  23. Do not evade bans by going on alternate accounts.
  24. Do not attempt to hurt other players with fire or lava in the overworld.
  25. Keep your account to yourself.
  26. Do not impersonate members of staff.
  27. No always-on redstone clocks.
  28. Keep the chat PG-rated.
  29. Do not share or discuss illegal content.
  30. No innapropriate IGNs allowed.
  31. Do not complain about the rules.
  32. Have fun!

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